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How to Drive During Harsh Weather Conditions

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There’s no doubt that driving during bad weather conditions can be a pretty scary experience for beginner and seasoned drivers alike. Whether it’s fog, rain, snow, or hail, these weather conditions can be very dangerous for drivers, especially in the dark.

There are many risks that come with driving under these conditions. Additionally, slippery roads and limited visibility can affect your ability to react in time while driving down the road, drastically increasing the chances of a car crash.

Fortunately, there are many precautionary measures you could take to ensure your safety in such circumstances. From staying extra vigilant to installing car features designed to help you in various weather conditions, these methods can help you stay safe during the worst of weather conditions.

Of course, it’s highly recommended to avoid driving under these circumstances altogether, but if you find yourself in the middle of a bad storm, it’s always good to learn how to get yourself out of the situation safely.

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1. Drive With Caution

The first and most crucial step is to stay extra vigilant on your journey. That’s right. You can’t start speeding or getting distracted when there’s a storm and heavy rainfall going on, as one mistake can cause you to lose control and collide with cars or other objects around.

Additionally, other drivers on the road can be more unpredictable than ever in bad weather conditions, so it’s vital to predict any incoming danger to avoid a chain of car crashes that can occur on slippery roads.

Therefore, driving at a slow, safe speed while keeping an eye on the road is the best way to get ourselves out of the situation unharmed. Swerving all over the place is the last thing you want during a rainstorm!

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2. Avoid Puddles at All Costs

We’re aware of how enjoyable it is seeing all the water splash everywhere, but having your car hydroplane isn’t exactly as fun.

Random puddles of water caused by rainfall can be more dangerous than you think. They can cause your car to lose traction on the road, which makes it hydroplane and lose control. The water usually gathers on the sides of the road, so it’s best to stick to driving in the middle lane.

Therefore, it’s best to resist the temptation of driving over one. It’s just not worth the risk of having your car end up upside down!

3. Use Your Fog Lights

Driving in foggy weather can be a really difficult situation to be in, not to mention stressful. Not being able to see well is highly risky for both the driver and everyone around, and the chances of crashing into one another are higher than ever.

Thus, it’s crucial to pay extra attention on the road than usual when it’s foggy. Using your fog lights is more than essential in this situation, as regular headlights aren’t as effective with fog.

Additionally, you must refrain from using your high-beam headlights, as they make visibility harder rather than easier by reflecting the light off the fog instead. Make sure to drive slowly while keeping your eyes on the white stripes on the road!

4. Be Predictable

When driving during harsh weather conditions, it’s crucial to keep in mind the fact that all the drivers around you are also facing the same difficulties. With the surrounding drivers not being able to see well and react quickly, you should try to be as predictable as possible.

Using your blinkers, keeping a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you, and taking slow turns play a big role in avoiding any accidents on your way to your destination. The cars around you will be extra grateful for it!

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