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Are Google Earth-Based Lorry Tracking Solutions Better?

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New advances in the form of GPS-enabled smartphones, netbooks as well as other technologies are making lorry tracking less complicated as well as less expensive for everybody. autosmagazines.com Are these new systems any type of great? What are their ramifications and also what are the likely effect on the Fleet car tracking sector?

On the planet of fleet monitoring the many advantages of car monitoring and also general practitioner tools are popular. There’s obvious to the fact that car radar save organisations significant amounts of time and money (as well as substantially enhancing customer support) by providing identify car locations as well as a host of important car statistics and also performance information.

Forewarned is forearmed. Understanding the real-time location of cars means that traffic, made complex routes and unneeded gas mileage can be avoided, as can inefficient car speeds. The advantages take place – you shield against worker scams, theautosfreak.com the misuse as well as individual use business automobiles and also burglary; you can make certain time sheets are exact, screen driving requirements and retrain if needed; you can improve security and also enhance liability; and inevitably improve effectiveness and also earnings.

Until now fleet administration systems have been made, marketed and sustained by fleet administration and also automobile tracking specialists – general practitioner devices with customized developed, committed software program. These are companies with a clear understanding of the fleet administration field and also experience in the sort of problems encountered and also how best to deal with them. The concept here is that if you want a task done properly go to an expert for the very best remedy. In the exclusive and also domestic markets too, names like such as Garmin and TomTom have actually become commonplace, providing prominent real-time GPS systems that conserve vehicle drivers time, money and also problem.

Lately though we’ve seen the intro of new vehicle tracking modern technology in the form of GPS tracking systems integrated with Google Maps. Declared by manufacturers to be more precise and also even much easier to use than existing general practitioner as well as fleet monitoring systems, autoexposer.com the primary difference is that now automobiles can be tracked in real-time utilizing Google Maps on devices such as cellphones, netbooks as well as laptop computers.

Already sales of standalone general practitioner systems are in decrease as people choose to not purchase costly committed tools as well as instead choose to take the details they need via their GPS-enabled mobiles or computer systems. autotestinghub.com Is this an indication of things ahead in the fleet vehicle-tracking sector?

For the Fleet Lorry Tracking industry the threat is very real.

Why would certainly a haulage firm for example, or a sales office buy costly, specialized car tracking systems with pricey bespoke general practitioner tools if the job of tracking the lorries can be just as well executed with a smart phone at a fraction of the rate?

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